buy wholesale boutique clothing online

Wholesale Boutique Clothing: An Ultimate Buyers Guide for 2021

buy wholesale boutique clothing online

 As young mothers, a lot of ladies out there have an ideal way of dressing their kids. We bet they have tons of children's fashion boards on their Pinterest (Stormi Webster being the number one, obviously!). However, one of their main struggles is to find something similar to what they saw online. Be it a cute headband or an adorable twill skirt- mothers want the best for their young girls. To bring an end to their dilemma, if you have thought of starting a kids boutique that has everything from stylish to comfy clothes- you have the blessings of all young parents! Although there are a lot of things that you need to take care of before you start a boutique, your priority would be to find wholesale boutique clothing for kids that can provide you with the latest fashion at the best price. But wholesale buying is easier said than done, which is why we’re here to help. 

In this guide, we have curated a detailed guide to help you shop wholesale boutique clothing. Let us dive into it!

Identify the risks

When you start a new venture, analyzing the risks associated with your idea is the first thing that you should do. Do thorough research about the market demand. If you’re going to start a business just because you think it’ll do well isn’t reason enough to make such a huge investment. Make sure you study the market of the specific industry and then plan accordingly. When it comes to starting a clothing boutique you need to consider aspects like a credible place to buy wholesale clothing and finding reputed sellers who won’t flake on you. If you consider buying from any random place that you came across just because they’re selling for cheap makes you vulnerable to dealing with fraud sellers. 

Choose a selling medium

Will your boutique be online or will you be investing in a brick and mortar store? Either way, you need to be mindful of various factors. Since the pandemic, a lot of businesses have started operating online. Online selling will save you the costs that would’ve otherwise incurred while operating a store as you will be recruiting staff for your store, the utility costs of the store and various miscellaneous expenses. However, the final call is still yours depending on what your preferences are. Considering the present scenario, since people are refraining from visiting stores it is best if you start your business online first, then observe the response from your customers and if its a success, you can invest in a physical store later.

Define a purchasing strategy

Do you want to buy from the local wholesale store or do you want to look for an online boutique clothing wholesale supplier? Either way, you’ll have to do a lot of homework. If you buy from overseas wholesalers, you will ideally pay less. But you’ll also have to buy in a large quantity, which is fine since you’ll be needing quite a few pieces of one particular style in your boutique. Domestic wholesalers will provide you with the same stock at a higher price but it’ll also be easier to communicate with them since you won’t be time zones apart. Your purchase strategy should be based on a budget. You need a clear picture of how much you will be spending before you stock up for your boutique. 

Find wholesale suppliers

Once you decide on your supplier, start hunting for the right ones. Be it domestic or international there are always high chances that you might come across frauds. You can look for various suitable manufacturers online in various directories. When looking for wholesale kids clothing providers you need to be specific about the type of material that is being used. You’ll find details about the material and care on the website of the wholesaler. If you’re looking for an international supplier check whether they have any international shipping policies or not. Or do they even ship internationally? Talk to various manufacturers and check whether or not they understand your requirements and will be able to fulfil them. 

Final decision

After reviewing various wholesale boutique clothing providers, you will be able to identify the right supplier who will provide you with all products for your boutique. If you’re finalizing a domestic local or domestic supplier then try to visit the manufacturer. If you’re opting for an international wholesale supplier then make sure you communicate with them properly over call or email. For either of the decisions, you need to check online reviews. You can also get in touch with any of their customers to get a better insight into the manufacturer’s way of working. 

Where can I Buy Wholesale Boutique Clothing?

As stated above, there are various online as well as offline portals that provide wholesale kids clothing. But the key here is to identify which places offer quality and quantity at the best price. You should go to a wholesale manufacturer that has a wide variety in its collection. You want to buy wholesale clothing that is versatile. You can have a look at our collection of wholesale kids clothing. From comfy pyjama sets to cute party wear dresses, we have everything that will suit your liking. 

Verified v/s unverified suppliers: Know the difference

Verified and unverified suppliers, in simple terms can be differentiated as trustworthy and untrustworthy sellers. A lot of people enter the world of wholesale thinking that it is easy for them to score clients and make a difference. But little do they know, there are a lot of intricacies involved in the business. You will come across a lot of wholesalers who can provide you with your desired stock at a low price, but can you really trust them when it comes to the quality aspect? Especially if you’re new at the boutique business then you are more likely to get fooled by a fake supplier. So keep your eyes open and follow the tips that we have mentioned. 

How to stay away from fake wholesale suppliers?

One of the smartest ways to know whether or not your supplier is genuine is by getting in touch with the manufacturer of the items that you are buying. You can get the contact details of the manufacturer from the back of the product and get in touch with them to double-check about their verified distributors. You can even ask for a list of verified suppliers from the product manufacturers which is a further advantage ( if you want to do business from then). One other way you can identify whether or not the supplier is genuine is by staying in contact with them. You’ll get an idea about how professional the supplier is within the first few interactions. 

How do you determine the quality of clothing?

Here are some key points to look out for which will help you determine the quality of the clothing:

  • The material should not be see-through
  • The fabric pattern has the same texture and color throughout the seams
  • You shouldn’t see any gaps when you pull at the seams
  • The material shouldn’t feel rough on the skin

From where do boutique owners get their clothes?


A trusted hub to buy wholesale children’s clothing, Lulu Clothes offers a variety of wholesale boutique clothing. You can go through our catalogue and find boutique clothing for girls. All our clothing is made from breathable cotton that is gentle enough even for newborns. We have considered the active nature of children and all our clothing reflects the same. All pieces are comfortable enough to allow maximum movement. Our entire collection goes through a thorough quality check before it is declared ready for sale. You can also shop for matching accessories for girls such as jewelry, headband and even baby blankets. For the best deals, keep a tab on the ‘clearance' section of our website. 


Alibaba is an online platform that connects various wholesalers to retail buyers. These wholesalers are mainly from China and you will find millions of products ranging from clothing to electronics. However, you need to do some research about the specific buyer that you’re buying from. Make sure you check individual buyer ratings and check their shipping guidelines before you place an order. 

Checkout trade catalogues

You can find various wholesale boutique clothing suppliers if you have a look at the local directories. You can look out for various organizations that publish a monthly list of some vendors that can help you to buy wholesale boutique clothing for your retail business. Make sure you check online reviews of these wholesalers before you finalize one. 

How to find genuine wholesale suppliers?

There are various considerations that you need to keep in mind when searching for a wholesale boutique clothing supplier which can be your long term source of inventory. Look for wholesalers which are prompt with communication and those who think beyond making a profit. Make sure the wholesaler you choose has been in the industry long rough to know how things work. Check out their website thoroughly, are they on top of the latest trends? Are they overpriced? Or does their website look professional enough to associate with them in the first place? Digging deeper will help you gain an insightful understanding of the wholesaler. 

While talking about where to buy wholesale clothing for kids, we’d like to tell you what makes us stand apart from the rest. Lulu Clothes is one of the fashion industry pioneers, helping hundreds of businesses with the right kind of fashion at the best price. When it comes to wholesale children’s clothing, we understand the comfort and style should go hand in hand. You don’t have to compromise on quality just because you’re getting something for a good price. All our clothing is made from breathable fabrics, without any harmful fabric dye or embellishments that can cause harm to your little one. 

Ordering on our website is also very easy. You just have to select the size and quantity and add them to the cart. When you’re done shopping for all the items you can checkout using our various payment methods. We also have GPay and PayPal to make things easier for you. You’ll get access to all the latest fashion, be it clothing or accessories. Although everything on our website is reasonably priced, we have a clearance section that offers even better deals. 

As a business, make sure that you stay on top of the latest trends and know what your customers want. Hope you find some amazing fashion deals for your boutique, happy shopping!

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