10 Tips to Buy Clothes for Kids Without Breaking Your Bank

Having kids means adding various added expenses to your monthly budget. One such expense is buying clothes. But thankfully, this is one aspect where you can save money if you shop smartly. One of the best ways is to buy clothes wholesale. It will not just help you save money but you’ll also get access to the latest fashion way before it hits the retail stores. For a lot of parents, buying wholesale kids’ boutique clothing might be a new concept. If you’re one of the newbies, this blog will help you shop better. We have made a list of some useful shopping tips which will ensure that you get the best without breaking your bank!

Check Out Clearance

Nothing better than buying brand new clothing that is available at a good discount. Online boutiques will put seasonal items on clearance sale year-round for the upcoming season and new arrivals. Take advantage of these clearance sales and buy your favorite items at the best price...    

Shop Out of Season

Shop for your kids’ clothes during the off-season.  The end of the season sale generally takes place a couple of months before the season actually starts. You can take advantage of this end-of-the-season sale to start your shopping for the next year. You must’ve heard the terms such as ‘ fall sale’ or ‘ winter clearance sale’ to make sure you stock up for the upcoming seasons during this time. 

Check Out Discount Coupons

Discount coupons are one of the best ways to save money. A lot of online stores offer special discount codes. It could be first-time buyers or even season special discount codes. Make sure to subscribe to their newsletters to stay updated about the same. Buy from wholesale online retailers.

Buying children clothing in bulk will save you a good amount. Children grow up pretty fast and this isn’t a surprise. You can save money by buying a variety of clothes in different sizes so that you don’t have to go shopping every time something fits slightly tight on your kid. 


Joining swap groups is a fun thing to do along with getting good clothes for free. The basic idea about swaps is getting together and trading clothes,it could be a new swap group or your friends. You can find about various swap groups online through social media platforms or gather with your friends and trade your kids’ clothes.    

Yard Sales

Yard sale is a great place to pick up children’s clothing. If you’re lucky you’ll find a good collection of clothes in yard sales around you. You can find some amazing picks at a lesser cost and without putting in much effort.  


Hands me down is an excellent way to save money on children’s clothes. If you are a parent of more than 1 child save your older child clothes for your younger one. If your clothes are gender-neutral, there is no worry about sharing them between girls and boys. You might have relatives or friends with babies who  would be older than yours. Ask them if they are ready to hand over the clothes of their baby if they are of no use to them anymore. 

Benefits of Buying Wholesale Clothing Online 

Buying wholesale girls’ clothing online is pocket-friendly, but it is beneficial in other ways as well. They are as follows 

Buy for low prices 

Budget is an important factor to consider when purchasing clothes for little girls. Kids grow quickly and spending a lot of money on kids’ clothes could become a major expense if not done wisely. . Parents take advantage of the wholesale apparel and buy a range of outfits at a reasonable price. 

Plenty of options 

You’ll find a wide variety of clothing options in various sizes. The best part about shopping wholesale is that you’ll get access to the latest fashion at the best price before they hit the actual retail stores! 


Various online wholesale sites offer discount rates and provide excellent prices for baby items. It allows parents to take advantage of the huge price cut and also get quality clothes.   

Saves time

A single site of wholesale apparel does the work of multiple shops. You need not step out of the house, explore different outlets and pick the right outfit. An online site offers you multiple outfit options for your girl without even stepping out of your house. 

Current and trendy layouts 

Wholesale stores offer you a great opportunity to get high-quality clothing in unique brands. Parents get an option to choose clothing according to their preferences. 

Things to consider while buying baby wear online 

Selecting a perfect outfit for your baby could be a difficult task. However, the tips mentioned below can make it easier.


Fabric is the first thing to consider while buying baby clothes online. Baby clothes made of harsh fabric can cause rashes on your girl’s sensitive skin. Buy clothes that are made of cotton, bamboo, rayon, soy and other soft materials. Don’t buy clothes made of nylon and polyester as they can trigger rashes or any other skin issues. 


Buy the clothes that meet all safety standards and are free from big bows, buttons and hooks. These accessories can be a choking hazard for kids.  


This goes without saying,- consider the material care before you shop. You’d want to go for lighter breathable materials for warmer months. For winters, go for woolen or knitted clothes that’ll keep your baby warm and comfortable.

Wholesale online shopping means an opportunity to explore the latest fashionable clothes at a low price. At Luluclothes, you’ll find a wide range of baby clothes for girls as young as 12 months. Whether you’re looking for rompers or hair accessories- we’ve got you covered. Explore our collection and get your hands on the latest kids’ fashion! 

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