Girls Boutique Clothing Short Sleeve Letter Fringe Top Denim Flared Pants Two Piece Set

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  • The top features a pink short-sleeve lettered fringed tee & bow headband.
  • Bottoms are ripped flared pants.
  • Adjustable waist belt, left and right pockets for versatility and comfort.
  • Mix and match these two pieces for a fun look.
  • A three-piece set of boutique girls' suits. Bring summer to girls with this pink fringed t-shirt and jeans set. The top is paired with matching flared jeans. Adjustable waistband aids comfort and fit, perfect for on-the-go. The top and trousers can be worn as a set, with our bows, or with a pair of sandals to let her shine in this kid's outfit.
  • Material: Cotton and Polyester.
  • Includes: Top & Pants & Hairband.

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